Vitamin D

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Did you know Vitamin D is not really a vitamin? 

Its always been linked in as a vitamin partially because researchers didn’t really know how to catagorize it.  Now we know Vitamin D is a fat-soluble secosteroid that our body makes when our skin is exposed to sunlight, specifically ultraviolet light B (UVB).  It is virtually impossible to get enough vitamin D our body needs each day from the foods we eat.   Vitamin D is found in so few natural food sources, and never in the amount needed for maintaining good health.  “I work during the day and don’t have time to lay out in the sun to soak up some rays, what can I do?”   Good news!  Your body can’t tell the difference between sunlight (UVB) naturally from the sun or that from a tanning bed because there is no difference!  Vitamin D supplements are also an option for those who prefer getting their daily dose of “D” from a pill.  Regardless of how you get your vitamin D, know this... FACT: Vitamin D is essential for life.. without it, premature death.  Vitamin D is required for so many body functions including calcium absorption, regulation of hormone production and is critical for an optimum immune system.  new research suggests vitamin D is so powerful in reducing the risks of several forms of cancer, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, dementia, and a plethora of other maladies.  The science and medical communities can no longer deny vitamin D’s importance for a long and healthy life.  Simply put, maintaining the correct blood serum levels of vitamin D is probably the single greatest thing within our power we can do to lower the risk of serious diseases and improve our overall health.  




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