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Want to know how to get a tan fast? Come to Club Tan, where we have 3 levels of sun tanning beds and booths, all of them suited to building your tan quickly.

Get just off the beach color! Our certified Norvell airbrush artists have been helping men and women of all ages with our Custom Airbrush tanning services.

Discover a sunny sanctuary from the stresses of everyday life. We offer an array of spa services and products to improve skin tone and texture and to brighten your smile.

Indoor tanning fits perfectly into the Health  and Beauty culture lifestyle

Tanning makes you look better which in turn makes you feel better.  According to, women with a positive body image are more likely to have good physical and mental health.  A beautiful tan is a great fashion and style accessory,  complementing any look and perfect for any occasion.  A beautiful tan is a confidence builder which  supports a healthy self esteem.  As a tanning salon, we can’t make health or medical claims about the benefits of tanning because we are not doctors, but we can share with you indisputable facts regarding  UV light exposure and our body.  Fact: UVB from a tanning bed makes vitamin D in our skin just like from the sun.   Fact:  non burning UV exposure is thought to have many other positive affects from hormone regulation, mental and emotional well-being, supporting a strong immune system, weight management, and so much more   In fact many doctors, specifically dermatologists routinely use sunbeds to treat a variety of skin conditions with UV light.  The important thing to understand about tanning and sunbeds is we are talking about non-burning moderate exposure.  Never over-expose and never burn.   

If you’ve never looked at being tanned as a fashion accessory, you should!  Give tanning a try and if you don’t want to use a sunbed, try a spray tan.  Once you see yourself bronzed and beautiful you’ll never want to be without color and the amazing confidence boost a beautiful tan gives.




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